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Monitor Cold Storage Temperatures Automatically

The Miratag automatic temperature monitoring solution uses wireless temperature sensors and a base station that collects the data from the sensors and sends it to the Miratag cloud.

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Miratag's sensors
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Why Miratag?

Easy to Set-Up
Wireless Solution

The sensors need no external power and the base station uses mobile data (included) to communicate with the cloud servers. Just plug in the gateway, install the sensors and you will immediately start seeing results from the warehouses, freezers, and other monitored storage units on your online dashboard.


Our system collects and analyzes the temperatures 24/7. If it detects that the temperature has risen or fallen outside the set normal range, immediate e-mail and SMS alerts will be sent out, so your employees can take corrective actions and prevent products from spoiling.


Correct temperatures are one of the key elements of HACCP. The Miratag solution allows for creating reports for temperature and other control points in the exact format that is required by your organization and/or regulatory organizations.

We offer our services to a wide variety of industries

  • Logistic companies
  • Food chains
  • Dairy producers
  • Supermarkets
  • Fish producers
  • Warehouses
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Meat producers

Calculate Your Savings With Us

Number of freezers, coolers and cold storage rooms
10 pcs.
Number of (HACCP) reports that is collected each day
Ex: delivery sheets, cleaning sheets, pest control sheets etc.
20 pcs.
Average bruto salary

See how much you save a time

Time saved on filling reports
8,75hours per month
Time saved on collecting and analysing reports
17,5hours per month
Time saved on archiving
8,75hours per month


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Temperature monitoring

Temperature Monitoring –
the First Step to Food Safety

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This principle adheres well to food safety.

Maintaining your products at the correct temperature is crucial to keeping the food safe for consumers. This is why cold storage temperature monitoring has become a key part of HACCP assurance in every food-related industry.

Careful monitoring of the temperature as well as providing the correct documentation is difficult to manage and it occupies a lot of valuable employee time. Also, much of the time, the critical temperature deviations don’t get noticed until long after the damage has already occurred.

Miratag automatic monitoring allows you the assurance of knowing that your food is always at the correct temperature.

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Software, sensors and the base station with one monthly fee!

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Temperature monitoring


  • No wires - plug-and-play
  • Live data monitoring
  • Easy to access online dashboard
  • Compliable with regulatory standards
  • Automatic SMS and e-mail alerts
  • Cost-efficient

Temperature Monitoring Includes:

Wireless temperature sensors

Wireless temperature sensors are easy to install. Batteries last for up to 2 years and can be easily replaced. The temperature readings are collected continuously throughout the day.

GPRS (mobile internet) based base station

The Base Station collects all the data and sends it securely to the cloud server. All that is required is to plug the base station in. The internet connection is automatically established and the mobile data is included in the subscription price.

Online Dashboard

The Miratag online dashboard enables access to and analysis of the temperature data at any place and any time, as well as a review or analysis of the collected data for better predictions and decisive management actions.

Temperature monitoring

Complete Set of HACCP Tools

Miratag offers a complete quality control toolset that is configurable and adjustable for each customer. Stop filing your records and digitize all of your quality routines and analyses.

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How It Works?

The base station and monitoring sensors are Plug-n-Play, so it takes very little time to set up everything and give you complete control over your cold storage temperatures.

How it works

Frequent questions

Does it need professional installation?

No, all the devices are ready to be used and all you need to do is to place the temperature sensors inside the storage units. However, it is possible to order installation from Miratag.

Where and for how long
is the data kept?

The temperature data are kept securely on the Miratag cloud servers. The historical data does not get erased and everything is backed up several times a day.

Can I add other
HACCP routines?

Yes, Miratag mobile applications and the online dashboard are developed to manage all your HACCP routines.

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