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Hot Dog Sales Planner gives you complete and autonomous control over the sausages being cooked on the grill. Moreover, it gives you a digital overview at every step of the way. Here’s a breakdown of how you can control and monitor every aspect of your hot dog sales.

Keep Track of Sausage Cooking Time

Nobody wants an undercooked or an overcooked hot dog. This is why our app gives you complete control over the sausage cooking time. Moreover, it will show the different states of sausage with different colors. Undercooked, ready for sale or overcooked are marked with yellow, green and red. The layout mimics the same line-up the real grill would have, and this makes it more realistic and practical.

Keep Track of Sausage Holding Time

Once the hot dog is ready to be served, you can start monitoring its holding time via the app. The app displays different colors if the sausage is ready to be sold, soon to expire or already expired. This way, you can monitor your sausages efficiently and eliminate food wastage.

Record Product Temperatures

Hot dogs need to be kept at a specific temperature for a long-lasting fresh taste. Keep them fresh with the help of our app. Once the hot dogs have been prepared and cooled off, the app will alert the employee to measure the temperature. If the temperature is not according to the HACCP recommendations, the app will guide the employee to take corrective actions.

Sales Forecasting

Do you want to monitor your sales online and also predict the future number of sales? Well, sales forecasting brings you a combination of both where you can forecast the number of different flavors of sausages that should be on the grill for the customers. The employee can mark both selling or writing off the product with a single tap. Build up your sales with minimal effort.

Maximize Food Integrity and Safety

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) involves identifying hazards within your Food Safety Management System (FSMS). With automatic HACCP documentation, you can control everything related to food production and preparation process through our app. Moreover, the HACCP documentation is tailored for hot dog preparation.

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  • Maximize Sales
  • Minimize Spoilage
  • Digitalize HACCP

Real-Time Reports and Notifications

Hot Dog Sales Planner will keep you informed about every single aspect of the process without overwhelming you. Real-time reports will summarize the preparation time, sales, and estimated revenue for you. The in-app, e-mail and SMS reports and notifications will alert you of any changes in the internal environment or updates. Be in sync with the process with our app.

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Advantages of Using Hot Dog Sales Planner

Let’s take a look at some of the perks offered by our planner:

Less Wasted Food

We have designed the app to reduce food wastage. With the planner, you will be better prepared to handle the entire preparation process with efficiency and ease. Say no to wasted food with sales forecasting and live reports of the sausages being cooked. You will never cook more than you have to serve.

Better Food Quality and Happier Customers

Hot Dog Sales Planner keeps you informed of the internal temperature and the status of sausages. You can make sure that nothing is overcooked or undercooked. This gives you complete control over the food quality, and you can serve your customers with only the best hot dogs. Excellent food quality means happier customers.

Ensure Food Safety

Built-in and Automatic HACCP Documentation keeps the cooking process and preparation process in harmonious sync with the latest regulations. This will ensure food safety. Moreover, the app will also alert you of any temperature elevations or drops. This way, you can keep your cooked and ready sausages at a perfect temperature to maintain the taste and the integrity of the food.