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Benefits for the hotel manager

Digitization and security of documentation

With Miratag, you can digitally fill out essential documents in the hospitality industry, including invoices, audits, and certificates. This reduces paperwork and enhances workflow efficiency. Digital completion ensures security as all user-based actions are accurately logged and cannot be manipulated. All documents are traceable with clearly defined accountability. Additionally, the Miratag app allows for electronic signatures, further streamlining the digital completion process. This ensures that all documentation meets current standards, providing confidence that all work documents are accurately completed and securely managed.

Overview of employee tasks and efficient management

Using the Miratag application, you can efficiently manage and monitor your employees' activities. Create necessary checklists, verify task completions, and maintain oversight of responsibilities. Gain valuable insights, track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize workplace well-being and workforce management for increased productivity. Miratag offers the Employee Card feature, which allows employees to quickly access required tasks at checkpoints, further streamlining workflow. The Employee Card ensures security, as each employee's card only opens tasks or areas assigned to them, ensuring confidentiality and workplace safety. Individual authentication enhances overall security, ensuring data availability and protection against unauthorized access.

Quick setup and analysis of report forms

Our software allows for easy and quick setup of monitoring sheets. With an intuitive user interface, you can customize them easily to suit your business needs. Choose from predefined templates or create monitoring sheets from scratch, add fields relevant to you, define data types, and set up workflow rules. Miratag helps save time and ensures precise data collection and management. Collected forms can be analyzed to identify behavior patterns, cost trends, and opportunities for process improvement, facilitating informed decisions for optimizing your company and ensuring a more productive work environment.

Management and automation of the hotel restaurant

Miratag software helps streamline and automate various tasks involved in managing a hotel restaurant, reducing human errors and saving valuable time. This includes ordering and receiving goods, proper storage management, inventory tracking, compliance with health and hygiene requirements, and creating customized checklists for employees. The Miratag app enables managers to quickly send instant alerts to employees. These notifications provide information about important tasks or prompt responses to situations that require resolution or urgent attention.

Rapid dispute resolution and food safety

Using Miratag software, where tasks are digitally recorded (including goods receipt notes, signatures, photos, etc.) and responsibilities are clearly defined, you ensure prompt resolution of disputes between employees and partners. Additionally, Miratag helps ensure strict food safety regulations. Simplify the collection of HACCP documents, temperature monitoring, pest control, and product checks with us, ensuring compliance with standards such as BRC, Kosher, Halal, GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), and others. Monitor food quality and safety from suppliers to serving.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Miratag ensures the accuracy and completeness of documentation, enabling food service establishments to meet internationally recognized standards such as ISO 22000, IFS, SQF, and many others. This provides assurance that the hotel operates legally and responsibly, while ensuring strict adherence to food safety standards, thereby reducing health risks and creating a safe food and service environment for guests.

By using our IoT sensors, you can automatically collect temperature data, monitor it in real-time, and ensure the necessary storage environment for your products.

Getting started with us is easy

Create a Miratag account. Set up the monitoring sheets and checkpoints you need. If you need guidance, don't forget to reach out to our professional consultant. We're happy to help all newcomers experience a quick and smooth integration!


After setup, you can start collecting the data you need. To conveniently fill out monitoring sheets, download the free Miratag mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.


That's how easy it is to benefit from Miratag's digital solutions! What's important to you will be stored, easily accessible, shareable with colleagues, and ready for effortless analysis.

GoodCoach Miratag helps efficiently manage restaurant operations and communicate with the team!

Improve and Simplify Quality Control Processes

Some examples of monitoring sheets that facilitate hotel management and help adhere to quality requirements consistently:
Quality Control Audits
Goods Receipt Inspection
Warehouse Temperature Monitoring
Pest Control Management
Uniform Inventory Management
Technical Inspections
Temperature Monitoring
Maintenance Assignments
Room Service Checklist
Housekeeping Checklist
Bar Area Checklist
Restaurant Checklist
First Aid Kit Inspection
Buffet Service Documentation
HACCP Documentation
Guard Round Tour
Parcel Reception Procedure
Night Security Patrol
Refrigeration Equipment Cleaning Schedule
Pool Cleaning Schedule
Sauna Cleaning Schedule
Restroom Cleaning Schedule
Repair Work Orders
Safety Cards
Work Safety Instructions
Operational Work Instructions
Machinery Manuals
Lost and Found Protocol
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Maritim Hotels feedback

"The transition to using Miratag was the right step for our company. The excess paper that needed constant storage is now a thing of the past. No longer do we have to experience (a familiar scenario for all restaurant operators) the panic of 'Oops, forgot to record the temperatures and now have to quickly backdate 2 weeks'. With Miratag, simply checking the cloud provides timely access to stored data and tasks completed. The Health Board reviews the data, and everything is perfect. Additionally, the alerts sent to the smartphone from the Miratag app are extremely convenient—even when at home, you notice if a cooling unit or freezer isn’t working, allowing you to relocate food in time. Looking ahead, we plan for closer collaboration with Miratag and eagerly anticipate the next measures we will implement."

Maritim Hotelgesellschaft mbH has been a significant player in the development of Germany's hotel industry since 1969 and is today the country's most renowned hotel chain. Their portfolio includes city center hotels, airport hotels, beach resorts, family-friendly lakeside hotels, golf, and spa resorts.

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