Shipment pick-up sheet


  • Updating pick-up sheets with real time data is near-impossible when using paper pick-up sheets.
  • Delivery reports are delayed causing extra work load to inform end customers.
  • Paper pick-up sheets get lost or misplaced and are hard to analyze.
  • Updating centralized pick-up sheet blanks is difficult.

Collect shipment pick-up sheets using mobile phones

  • The pick-up sheet can be filled by selecting the correct form from the list in the Miratag application.
  • Miratag sorts the list by device GPS location distance from the customer.
  • A NFC-tag may be used to automatically launch the correct report at a specific location.
  • The driver can insert the required information using text and number inputs, select options and more.
  • The end customer can be requested to confirm the report by writing their signature on the screen.
  • Any abnormalities may be highlighted to the driver and corrective action checlist may be included.

Access all the reports when you need them

  • The data collected using mobile applications is sent to Miratag cloud environment.
  • The online tool gives a good overview about collected pick-up sheets and any other data collected using the mobile apps.
  • The reports can be exported to PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets.
  • The online tool provides flexible options for configuring all the settings including report templates used in the mobile apps.

Provide limited access to client managers and end customers

  • The online environment can be accessed by office employees, client managers and even end customers.
  • Each user can only access data relevant to their own location and perform actions that they have been granted access to.

Receive e-mail and SMS notifications

  • E-mailed reports provide a quick overview without the need to log in to the online environment.
  • E-mail and SMS messages can also be used to receive notifications when:
    • assignments are left undone
    • a report, with a specific content, is posted (for example the pick-up was not possible).

Modern quality assurance software

Miratag is a set of mobile applications and online tools that lift the quality control possibilities to a new level. We use the advantages of modern technologies like smartphones, NFC tags (Near Field Communication) and BLE beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy) to make the filling and collecting of quality control sheets as easy as possible.

Our easy to access online tool gives a real-time overview of all the data collected and helps to monitor any deviations from the set schedules and norms. The built-in and customizable notifications keep you up to date with all the alerts and help to prevent issues that may arise.

Miratag helps to save time on employee training, minimize the time spent on quality monitoring and assures the quick understanding of deviations.

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