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3 Steps to Managing Cleaning Routines Like a Pro

While meeting with people from different industries, one issue that seems to come up is the lack of satisfaction with the quality of cleaning. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the residents who are unhappy with the cleanliness of their apartment building, visitors who complain about the poor hygiene in public restrooms, or managers worrying about the completion of cleaning schedules. The core issues tend to be the same.

Understanding Customer’s Worth

Recently, I visited a store of a well-known clothing brand, in an upscale city-center mall. To my surprise, the shelves, as well as the majority of products, were covered in dust. I ignored the situation until I saw the fitting rooms. The floors were covered in dust, papers and items were everywhere. After pointing out the situation to the employees, the manager was the first one who showed any regret over the situation. I switched to a competitor’s store across the hall, wondering whether the employees, lack of management skills, or poor company standards are the ones to blame.

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Modern quality assurance software

Miratag is a set of mobile applications and online tools that lift the quality control possibilities to a new level. We use the advantages of modern technologies like smartphones, NFC tags (Near Field Communication) and BLE beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy) to make the filling and collecting of quality control sheets as easy as possible.

Our easy to access online tool gives a real-time overview of all the data collected and helps to monitor any deviations from the set schedules and norms. The built-in and customizable notifications keep you up to date with all the alerts and help to prevent issues that may arise.

Miratag helps to save time on employee training, minimize the time spent on quality monitoring and assures the quick understanding of deviations.

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HACCP - Hazard analysis and critical control points
Collect temperatures using mobile phones and BLE-sensors
Collect temperatures using mobile phones and temperature sensor NFC-tags
Collect temperatures using mobile phones and NFC-tags
Collect room cleaning time-sheets using mobile phones and NFC-tags
Writing off products using Miratag mobile app
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